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Welcome to Gordon Custom Fabrication!

We provide service to a number of manufacturers all over the country, producing designs and solutions to manufacturing processes. Gordon Custom Fabrication will give appropriate service to all customers, including welding, machining, and other fabrications. We do welding of both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and fabrications of metals, rolling and bending. Among the other services that we offer include cutting of water jets, painting, platting, and coating and testing. Moreover, we provide installation and assembly services of mechanical products.

Gordon Custom Fabrication specializes in creating solutions for different industries, including construction, residential, commercial, and manufacturing. It also serves different markets in the country like the energy market, government sector, and aerospace companies. We provide impeccable customer service, thereby encouraging people from coming back to the company. Aside from impeccable customer service, customer loyalty is gained as we continually offer quality and on-time service. We also provide outstanding honesty and fair service to all customers. More people are coming back because of the affordable charges to the services offered. This allows customers to maintain and experience efficient extra capacity in times of surges of orders.

Gordon Custom Fabrication makes sure that the customers are satisfied with the service. In our company, we see to it that the customers can efficiently handle the requirements needed to provide successful outcomes. Our main purpose here is simply to reassure the customers with excellent results despite the obviously affordable and accessible services the customers can get from us.

We specialize in different services including machining, services that involve ornamental metals, structural metals, metals and alloy fabrication, shipping containers and prototyping of applications.

Gordon Custom Fab values principles to ensure quality service to all. The company values workmanship, quality, honesty in all aspects of services, and safety in attaining the desired product. In Gordon Custom Fab, we make sure that we have the best and highly skilled employees who can provide the best fabrication services to all clients. We make sure that our employees are well-motivated not only at work, but also determined to succeed in their personal goals. Our staffs are well-trained so as to maintain cooperation and teamwork. The company believes that it is not only the skills of the craftsmen that matters, but also teamwork and communication with the rest of the group members.

Through these times, we are starting to create a clean reputation in our services that’s why we are highly motivated to reach or exceed the demands and expectations of all customers. We respond immediately to all inquiries, and make sure that we provide accurate information which could be helpful to clients. Despite the demands for time, we still make sure to make quick reaction to the customers’ needs.

Rest assured that your needs are on us!

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