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Custom Chassis Building
Electrical Wiring
Body Accessories

Have you thought about ways to customize your bike or automobile?
At Gordon Custom Fabrications, we offer an endless amount of services that are sure to help you!

With 13 years experience, we can help with chassis design electrical wiring, body accessories, assembly, mig and tig welding, and much more.
There is no project too small or too large and we aim to be able to work on them all so that you get the quality metal work that you need for a vehicle.
You can be as creative as you want knowing that he will work with you on the design and assembly.

Why would we go anywhere else when you can see what we can do? The services that we offer are comprehensive, so once you decide that you want to work on your auto or motorcycle, we can help with anything that you want to accomplish. If you have called other locations, you know that they may do one or two services and that will eventually cost you more money and take more of your time because of having to work with multiple locations to have your needs met.

At Gordon Custom Fabrication, we make it easy for you to get what you need. There's finally a place for you to call to get help with any of your repairs
or modifications. If you don't have the supplies or the skills to do everything on your own, we can assist in any way. We will start you off or take it
all the way to the end based upon what you want to be involved in.

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to finish or you want to modify the chassis of your sports car, we are here to help you.



In order of many things to be created, welding has to be done. This is not anything that anyone can or should do.



Do you have an idea for a chassis or accessory but not sure of all the details? We offer custom designs to give you what you want.